Secrets from the Eating Lab by Traaci Mann April 7th

I like this book it is part of a trend I am seeing in diet and fitness books, I have a few others I am reviewing this month that are similar in some ways. The new trend admits that there is so much more to weight loss than calorie counts and depriving yourself. In secrets from the eating lab we learn strategies to help us deal with our obstacles to weight loss, but there is not a calorie chart or a diet plan in sight. Instead you learn why your willpower wears thin and what to do about it, ways to cope with obstacles such as the box of donuts in the staff kitchen on Friday or the pint of Ben and Jerry’s that calls to you at ten pm. I found the ideas in this book easy to try and a refreshing change from the diet plan, calorie count, bmi chart type books that I have been reading lately. If you are curious if this book will help you or someone you know and may-be love give it a try especially if they are frustrated with their current plan and the results.


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