Blushing By Katie Delahanty Out Now

BrideImagine being engaged to someone famous when you are a normal everyday girl. And as if that was not enough to try to get your head around imagine joining him on set for the filming of his movie, but in secret. Welcome to the life of Olivia Bloom who is engaged to the ever hot and in demand Berkley Dalton musician and actor. Olivia joins the crew as part of the costume group while she watches Berkley co star with is former girlfriend Christa. The press is so excited that they are working together again and hopes that is not all they are doing. Olivia will need her pals Blair and Parker and her cousin Amanda aka Boots to help her keep her perspective and her sanity as the days unfold and her life gets more and more complicated. A lighthearted read that warmed my heart and made me laugh smile and cry. A great read for all those places the warmer weather may take you. The beach, the lake,a plane or anywhere else.0F745DAE-E8ED-4C71-B59F-66C15F29C107


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