The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good by Judith S. Beck, PhD, Deborah Beck Busis Out April 21st

Another in the growing group of diet books that admit that a good part of dieting is controlled by thoughts and feelings not just calories in calories out. I am generally in favor of this trend, and The Diet Trap Solution focuses on our thoughts and behavior and how we can change them to make ourselves more successful in our diet endeavors. The book focuses on the self talk we use to beat ourselves up and derail our efforts, and there are multiple strategies to change our way of thinking and reacting to our mistakes. The book uses the basics of CBT( Cognative Behavior Therapy) to help you retrain your thoughts and reactions. The book also lays the framework for helping you decide ahead of time how you will deal with those things that trip you up, the dounuts in the break room, Aunt Edna’s insistence that you have a piece of cake, your 3 pm slump when you crave sugar. The ideas in this book make good sense and should be easily tailored to your lifestyle to help you be more successful.


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