Wishful Thinking by Kamy Wicoff Out Now

wishful 1

Jennifer is a very busy lady.   She wonders how the other Mom’s she sees and knows manage to keep everything so organized and on track, as hard as she tries she can’t make this happen in her life. She is raising two sons pretty much on her own except when they spend Saturday night with their Dad an out of work actor.  On top of all her parenting duties such as music lessons and speech therapy she also works at a job where her boss Bill expects her to be there before him and stay later than him every day even though she has children.  Thankfully she has the ever wonderful baby sitter Mollly who helps her fill in the gaps, but when Molly goes back to school and needs to adjust her hours Jennifer begins to wonder if she can be in two places at once and it turns out her phone has an app just for that, or it does once she finds it after loosing it.  Soon Jennifer is jumping back and forth and accomplishing more than she ever dreamed she could but at a huge cost.  She must slow down and figure out what she wants for herself and her sons and decide what is really most important.  A touching and laugh out loud funny look at motherhood and life.


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