Don’t Leave Yet by Constance Hanstedt How My Mother’s Alzheimer’s Opened My Heart Out Now

I thought this memoir was touching and wonderful.  Connie like many of us had a rough relationship with her parents growing up.  Her mother seems to have been a force in her life, but as her mother slowly slips into her own world Connie will realize new things about herself, her mother, her siblings and family dynamics that will make her revisit her child hood and her relationship with her mother.  The symptoms are very subtle at first, not recognizing a group at the mall, forgetting where he keys are or forgetting to follow up with the doctor, but as the list slowly grows Connie eventually realizes that she missed the signs that something is wrong and she and her sister must begin deciding what is best for her mother and when the time comes they must dismantle her past and their child hood memories as part of the process.  I know that might sound like a bleak book to you, but is anything but.  It is filled with emotion as Connie and Judy and their family must worry, fret, weigh the choice and try to do what is best.  There are touching and emotional memories of the past as well as snapshots of her mother Virginia even after her diagnosis such as the trip they take for the weekend when he brother Bill gets married.  This story runs the emotional rainbow with moments of joy and despair and all the emotions in between, but at every turn it is heartfelt and reverent  and truthful.  A great story, but you might some tissues within reach.


don't leave yet


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