Second Chance Friends by Jennifer Scott May 5th

Second Chance Friends is the story of deep friendships that grow out of being in a certain place at  a certain time.   Karen, Melinda and Joanna are all having breakfast at the Tea Rose Diner when they witness and try to help when Maddie and her husband Michael are in a car accident.  As the weeks after the accident pass day by day all three women can’t forget what happened and it slowly brings them together, then it leads them to try to help Maddie, yet though working together to help Maddie , they form lasting friendships that help them improve their lives as well as the lives of others.  A warm and touching story that pays tribute to the wild and wacky paths life can lead us on, the friends we make and the way we change as a result.  The characters are warm and real and their lives are very different, yet they don’t hesitate when a common goal bring them together.  A great read.


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