Fire Season: My Journey from Ruin to Redemption by Hollye Dexter Out Now May 12

fire season 1I felt so honored to go along as a silent witness to Hollye’s journey as she and her family literally loose it all in a devastating fire and must rebuild literally from the ground up. Their home is gone and since she and her husband were both self employed and worked at home their businesses are gone as well. They must rebuild their careers, replace the essentials and somehow find a way to put their losses in perspective and move on, but some days it is harder than others and some days even getting out of bed is too much. Hollye and her family are understandable traumatized by everything they have gone through and they each deal with it in their own way sometimes though sadness, sometimes through breaking the rules and often with missteps, but each step takes them to a new place where they are eventually able to start over and enjoy their hard earned future. Poignant with moments that are harrowing, maddening, moved me to tears and made me laugh out loud.


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