Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider May 26th

As some of you may remember I reviewed one of Robyn’s other books The Beginning of Everything.  If you missed that blog post and would like to read it here is a link.  https://jennd1.wordpress.com/?s=robyn.   Extraordinary Means tells the story of Lane and Saddie who along with other teens have been sent a sanatorium for people with drug resistant TB.. It seems like more of a prep school in the way it is described by the characters, sort of a boarding school but not.  Lane and Saddie and their friends must learn to cope with the new turn in their lives and the fact that they may never return to the lives they left behind.  Their struggles are real and honest and they made me feel things right along with them and look at live a bit differently.  A great new read from Robyn for her fans both old and new.


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