J.J. Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook May 26th

netgalleyAs you know if you have read the blog for a bit diet and nutrition books are one of those things I like to pick up. There is logic in this book that I have seen other places, advice like raising the amount of protein in your diet to combat sugar cravings and lots of information about hidden sugar. I found J.J.’s view of gradually cutting back your sugar and changing the kind of sugar in your diet to be a good idea and one I am going to try, I tried to cut out all added sugar cold turkey recently and the results were short lived and as I had been warned I had a headache for days. This book explains the game plan of cutting back your sugar and then deciding what kinds of things are good for you and when long term in simple steps. There are tools to help you such as lists of food arranged by the sugar index wihich has three levels low medium and high, there are also recipies, meal plans including ones for special situations such as low carb, vegan, and diabetics. Along with all this great information there is also a handy list of resources for finding ingredients and further information. i found the book was arranged in a useful easy to follow format, there is plenty of information and the advice is sound, if you think or know that sugar is a big part of your weight management goals then this book might be worth a look. I plan to make some of the swaps she suggests to lower my SI.


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