The Lake Season by Hannah McKinnon June 2nd

Iris and Leah have always been as different as sister can be and Iris can’t remember when they were close, but when her sister Leah sends her a postcard asking her to come home in the weeks before Leah’s wedding Iris packs up her bag and leaves her ailing marriage behind and heads home for the summer.   It has been years since Iris has been home and she is amazed at the changes her sister has made.  The tiny table and stool that were once the family farm stand have been replaced by a renovated barn turned shop and it has become a well respected business.  Cooper the local hearttrob from Iris’s school days has returned as well and turned his love of old buildings into a lucrative business.  Iris must face the murky waters of her future, but she can’t help but notice for someone with the promising future all new brides have her sister seems as lost as she does.  The sisters must navigate the feelings in their hearts to find their road home, but for each sister the journey is full of hard choices and sweet victories.  I enjoyed watching Iris and Leah find a way to reconnect after all the years that their lives took them in different directions, and I enjoyed watching Iris follow her heart and be true to herself.  A warm and touching family saga, great for reading on a warm summer day.


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