The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler June 2nd

I loved this book.  Let me tell you a bit about it and then we can get into why I liked it.  Elyse has grown up in the Caribbean and she and her sister have turned their love of music into a dream of singing professionally, but that dream is torn from Elyse when she is in an accident.  Too hurt and lost to stay at home she accepts an invitation from a family friend to spend the summer in Atagaris cove which is named after a mermaid.  There she meets the local bad boy Christain Kane and his younger brother who has a fascination with mermaids, the Kane’s have a summer home in the cove and have spent summers there since Christian was a young boy.  Sadly this will be the last summer for the Kane’s and many of the local families, there is a developer coming to town to buy out many of the homeowners and give Atagaris Cove an update.  In a foolish move Christian’s father promises to call off the developers if Christian can win the annual summer boat race, but to do that he will have to beat his best friend.  Elyse slowly heals as she finds a place for herself in the town, a town that could be home if she can help save it.


I found this book touching and lyrical and laced with magic, now I know how that might sound, but there is a magical element to this novel, the lure of the myths and magic of mermaids is sprinkled through the narrative and Elyse can certainly use some magic.   I think it would make a great beach or vacation read or save it for a cold winter’s day and escape to a warm place.


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