All The Single Ladies by Dorthea Benton Frank June 9th

With her usual wit, warmth and low country charm Dorthea Benton Frank once again takes us to the magical south and shares a story full of love, hope, friendship and fresh starts. When Kathy passes away from cancer her friends Carrie and Suzanne are left with the task of settling her estate. Lisa a nurse at the hospice offers to help with the task and the three women quickly become friends, yet Kathy’s life is a mystery and as they try to find closure for their friend, they will re examine their own lives and face changes of their own. Lisa is down on her luck nurse who ends up without a place to live when her land lords daughter shows up and boots her out even though it is weeks ahead of Lisa’s planned moving date, Suzanne lives with her aging and wonderful grandmother, but worries about where she will live when he grandmother passes, and Carrie has issues of her own to deal with. Together the friends navigate the bumps in the road, pick each other up when life knocks them down and find out the truth about Kathy’s life so that they can put things in order for her. Touching, warm, witty and deeply moving All The Single Ladies is a wonderful read. I was sorry to read the last page and leave these ladies.


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