The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi June 16th

Ella and Meg have been best friends for years and can’t imagine life without each other.  Jake is Meg’s on again off again boyfriend.  While it is clear that Meg and Jake really do care about each other they have trouble staying together even when they want to.  Ella used to have a wonderful boyfriend named Matt until the day he disapeard without a trace just a wimpy goodbye note and nothing else and now she is wrapping up her senior year and moving away to college.  Meg and Ella head out to a party thrown by one of Meg’s college friends and who should be there but Matt, back from where ever he was and looking for another chance with Ella who has no intention of letting him too close to reconstructed heart, but Matt knows she will feel that way and declares the evening the night to say yes, so instead of saying no to jumping off a bridge for example you say yes to looking at the lights on the water on the bridge.  And so Ella and Matt end up having an evening full of yes and Ella gets the answers she needs from Matt, but once she has them can she follow her heart, or will she break the spell and say no?

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