Summer Secrets by Jane Green June 23rd



badge copy   netgalley

Cat never had a great relationship with her father, a cold man who drank and wasn’t ever nice to her, but after his death she learns that he was not her father at all, and she heads off to Nantucket one summer to meet her real father and her sisters.  Will they be the family she always hoped for or will it be a disaster?  She bonds with her father and her sister Julia right from the start but her sister Ellie is cool and aloof.  When a bad decision after too much to drink puts her on the plan back to London in short order that should be the end, but as part of her recovery she must apologize to her sister in person and so with he pal Sam and her daughter Annie she heads off for a writing assignment on Nantucket and hopes of accomplishing two things while she is there, but of course things don’t go as planned and when Annie makes a quick and deep connection with her cousin Trudy who happens to be Ellie’s daughter, and the girls get led astray Cat and Ellie must finally face each other and themselves.  Cat must also come to terms with the end of her marriage to Jason and put her life in order so she can move on and Nantucket seems to be the best place to do that as well.  A touching story of family, trust, growing up,  and starting over with a clean slate.


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