Eight Hundred Grapes Laura Dave June 30th

badge copyeight hundred grapes



Georgia Ford’s life begins to fall apart when she spies her fiancee and his famous ex-girlfriend and her mini me walking down the street as she is being fitted for her wedding gown.  As any grown woman would do she runs, still dress clad, back to her house, packs a bad and heads home to her parents winery where she must decide what she wants, he wedding is in a week, yet when she arrives home she finds it anything but idyllic, she finds a naked man in her parents house that isn’t her father, her brothers are fighting about something , but they won’t tell her what, and worst of all her father is selling the vineyard.  Georgia does her best to navigate this new landscape and it seems she just may be able to hold herself together until Ben, his daughter and her famous mother descend on the vineyard during the harvest and she must search herself heart and soul and try to figure out the right answer.  I loved Gerogia and her supporting cast.  He adorable nephews, her confused but oh so sweet sister in law, her always do the right thing brother Bobby and her trouble will find me no matter what brother Finn.  Then there is Jacob who works for the winery that will be buying her father out.  So many great characters and such a great story.  I was sorry to finish this story and leave the characters behind.


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