The Summer of Good Intentions By Wendy Francis July 7

I adored this book.  It touched me and made me cry which confused my ten year old.  Maggie, Jess and Virgie return to the family summer cottage for another summer of fun and memories, but this summer will be like all the others and none of the others at once.  Jess is trying to balance between the job she loves and her marriage which needs her time and effort even more than work does, Maggie is about to face having all her children in school and she isn’t sure she is ready for the solitude just yet, and Virgie who has always been on the fast track to the top is starting to wonder if the top is really what she wants.  Each of the sisters brings their problems in their luggage and try to leave it but life has other plans for them including shuffling their divorce parents and dealing with Geo Mom’s new boyfriend.  A touching story of life, love and choices.  This is clearly a great beach read, but if you are too busy put it away for a rainy day and have a summer flash back.netgalley


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