Patience and Fortitude: Power, Real Estate, and the Fight to Save a Public Library by Scott Sherman

This book caught my eye because what book lover goes to New York and does not visit a branch of the public library? May-be it is just me because I worked in a public library system in college and the love of libraries has stayed with me since then, but I found the history and the struggles of the library very interesting, again may-be it is my personal history with libraries, but I found the differences between the types of branches neat and I understood the different types of funding probably from years of wondering how the changes to the county budget were going to impact my personal one. What I was most affected by was the struggle to keep books in a public library, I know the digital age is here and e readers abound, but I can’t imagine a future where a human will live their lifetime without touching a paper book or entering a library and experiencing that paper aroma that is unique to book depositories. I was glad to see the outcome of this battle, but if and when this battle reemerges it may mean a loss of all of us, not just New York.


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