Girl Meets Class by Karen Gillespie September 8

When Toni Lee pushes her father and her Aunt too far, she is told to go get a job and if she can keep it for a year her Aunt will reward her with a tidy sum.  Desperate and at the end of her rope the society belle turned working girl enrolls in the Teacher Corps and becomes a special education teacher at a high school in a run down part of town.   There she is befriended by Doc and Carl, but no much by Deena who is her supervisor and Carl’s ex wife.  When it becomes apparent that the principal is up to no good and has roped some of the teacher into his plot Carl and Toni Lee must do the right thing no matter what the cost.   Toni Lee made me laugh out loud, shed tears and smile with joy as her story unfolded and I was right there with her along for the ride.  A fantastic story of new beginningsnetgalley, hard choices and happy endings.


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