The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs Matthew Dicks September 8

Who among us that has been bullied or had a life changing argument hasn’t wanted to go back later and get a second chance?  For Caroline it has taken her twenty five years of being  meek and mild to realize that she does not have to be that way.  The trouble starts when she lets the F bomb fly at the PTO meeting when the president picks on a busy working Mom.  The next day her daughter Penny  is suspended for defending her and that’s it Caroline has had enough.  She hustles her newly suspened daughter into the car and they road trip back to the small town where Caroline grew up so that Caroline can have her say and stop being a docile door mat.  Caroline  and Emily were best friends until the day Emily sold her out for the popular crowd and Caroline has never been able to put it behind her, so now is the time.  Over the course of the trip Caroline finds common ground with the daughter, confronts Emily with Polly’s help which is just hysterical, and makes peace with her past, and allows herself to believe in a brighter future.  A warm funny moving novel about moving on and growing up and finding out who you are supposed to be.




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