The Sea Keeper’s Daughters by Lisa Wingate September 8th

When Whitney returns to Manteo and the Excelsior hotel that her family has ran for generations she is hoping to snag a few family heirlooms and sell the rest to save her own business, but as she cleans and clears away years of neglect she stumbles onto a family mystery.  The letters Whitney find are from Alice, and based on what she reads it would seem that Alice was her Grandmother’s sister, but Whitney has never heard from her.  As Whitney dives deeper into Alice’s story she learns more about her own past all while trying to figure out her future.  She gets help from unlikely sources such as her step father Clyde who she has never had a good relationship with, and Mark an attorney turned shop owner.  Whitney’s new friends share her excitement as she unravels the mystery of Alice and her work with the FWP, one of the WPA projects which uncovered the Sea Keepers.  Are you hooked yet?  This novel does that story within a story idea that I enjoy so much and it is done very well.  Whitney not only finds the truth of the past, but she finds her future as well.

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