Chance Harbor by Holly Robinson

Chance Harbor is the story of a family that like all families faces it share of challenges.  Zoe was a rough and tumble teen and finally left her daughter Willow behind so that she could start over and make a better life for herself.  Her sister Catherine and her husband become Willows legal guardians until Zoe comes home and Catherine’s husband turns their world upside down.  In the mist of the upheaval in Willow’s life her grandmother has decided to sell the family’s summer home in Chance Harbor and they journey there for one final visit as a family.  Each of the characters faces adversity and unexpected circumstances and must decide not only to do what is best for them but what is best for Willow who must figure out who she is and who she wants to be.  This story is full of funny and touching moments.  I found  the bond that forms between Willow and Nola to be comical and heartwarming, but I loved all the characters and their dynamics.


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