I take you and I take the book too

I Take You is by Eliza Kennedy and I loved the quirky mix of pre-wedding hilarity and real life issues, she blended them well and Lilly and her cohorts often had me laughing of course it didn’t hurt that Lilly’s mom restores old homes which is a cause i believe in even if I don’t have nary the skill to do such things, putting stick on tile in my laundry room left me stiff for days… I loved her quirky wedding planner and her odd family logistics, like her mother and her step mother getting along, does that really happen? I suppose if you are lucky if might, I never was. When Lilly’s pre wedding jitters spill over and jepordize her personal life once she decides on a plan of action she does it even if it means doing things she would never have considered before like resorting to blackmail. Best of all though is the new understanding she gains about her fiancee Will which only intensifies her desire to marry him, but she truly wonders if they can make it for the long haul. Lilly kept me running to keep up with her hectic life and waiting to see what choice she would make.


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