Pretending to Dane by Diane Chamberlain Available Oct 6


You may have already seen something about this book. It is awesome. It is Molly’s story and we see the life of present day Molly who is in the process of trying to adopt a baby with her husband as well as Molly at 13, a summer where her life changed forever, but instead of dealing with everything she shuts down and puts as much distance as she can between her, her family and her feelings. Molly grew up with her mother Nora and her father Graham as well her grandmother, aunts, uncles and her birth mother all living together on the large piece of land her family owned, everyone had their own home, but she could walk to everyone. As the summer unfolds Molly has her first kiss, her first concert, and yet there is something else big going on in her family and she knows it is important. Older Molly is having trouble with the idea of an open adoption even though that was how she was raised and she realizes she must put her past to rest so she can be the best Mom she can be and give her daughter the life she wants her to have. A touching story about love and hope and betrayal and families in all their wacky wonderful forms and the secrets they keep. I didn’t want to put it down and read it in two large chunks, a fantastic page turner.


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