The Locket by B.G. Cousins November 30th

netgalleyThe locket is a beautiful blend of war story and love story with a strong heroine to top it all off. Elizabeth runs the family steel company while her brother Jeremy is off at war and her father is missing in Russia amid civil unrest. When a plan to rescue him is hatched Elizabeth joins the troops and Captain Rainey as they embark on one of the biggest adventure of their lives. Elizabeth is tired of being held in a lady’s place and she has no qualms about stepping in to do what needs to be done, much to captain Rainey’s dismay, but gradually they form a bond that will help them both persevere. Elizabeth, Rainey and Jeremy are all connected by a locket believed to keep the wearer safe hence the title. I loved Elizabeth and her take charge attitude, but i thought the mission scenes were very detailed and well done as well. If this kind of novel is one you like check it out you won’t be sorry.

The Word Game by Steena Holmes


I thought this book did a beautiful job of a tough subject.  When allegations are made at a sleep over the adults and the girls are left to wonder if it is simply someone stretching the truth, telling a story or if it is really something going on and Lila’s mother knows all to well what happens when things like this get swept under the rug.  Despite mounting pressure to back off Alyson keeps asking questions and sets off a chain of events that will change lives and force Alyson and her family to face the past.  The potentially explosive topic of abuse is handled with delicacy, compassion and honesty that make for a beautiful and hopeful story.


Whisper if you need me by Dina Silver



Whisper if you need me is Julia’s story and it is witty and warm and at times laugh out loud funny and heart wrenching. Julia finds herself at Hollow Creek summer camp the summer she is 16 and she is none to happy about it. Julia has never been to summer camp before and she is rather intimidated by fact that the other girls know each other already and they know the camp so well, but she finds her groove and herself as she can relax and get a fresh start for the first time in her life. Like all life’s adventures camp does not go as planned and Julia has highs and lows along the bumpy path she takes, but following her on this journey is a treat, from her quirky pal Emma to Jack the counselor every one has a crush on, to the snarky twins who make her life anything but easy, camp has a cast of characters as wide and varied as you would expect, and Julia finds herself among them, learning how to deal with them, with her new experiences and in the end she might learn a bit about love and friendship as well.

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto: A Novel November 10

Once again Mitch Albom has crafted a lyrical story that pulls you in and keeps you wanting more. Frankie Presto’s life is tough from the moment he arrives, but he has been given a large dose of musical talent that will influence his life in ways he can’t imagine. His story is told by his muse and it is a beautiful tale of love and loss and highs and lows that make us want the story to keep going after the final note has been played. A great gift for the musician or music lover on your holiday list.