The Locket by B.G. Cousins November 30th

netgalleyThe locket is a beautiful blend of war story and love story with a strong heroine to top it all off. Elizabeth runs the family steel company while her brother Jeremy is off at war and her father is missing in Russia amid civil unrest. When a plan to rescue him is hatched Elizabeth joins the troops and Captain Rainey as they embark on one of the biggest adventure of their lives. Elizabeth is tired of being held in a lady’s place and she has no qualms about stepping in to do what needs to be done, much to captain Rainey’s dismay, but gradually they form a bond that will help them both persevere. Elizabeth, Rainey and Jeremy are all connected by a locket believed to keep the wearer safe hence the title. I loved Elizabeth and her take charge attitude, but i thought the mission scenes were very detailed and well done as well. If this kind of novel is one you like check it out you won’t be sorry.


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