The Silver Suitcase by Terrie Todd

I really enjoyed this book.  It is a story of strong women and family and it moves backward and forward in time.  Benita discover’s diaries belonging to her grandmother Cordelia and uncovers a life she never would have imagined.  Along the way she takes a fresh look at her own life and her own dreams.  When the diaries go missing her search for them brings her more than she bargained for and lead her in a new direction.  Cornelia’s voice is vivid and clear.  Her life story is heartbreaking and bittersweet to say the least, but like many of us Benita begins to feel like she does not know her grandmother at all, and along the way she uncovers a few family secrets.  All of the female characters in this story are strong women who take on life’s challenges with gusto.  It was a treat to read and I think you will enjoy it if you like stories about women and family and challenges.

Fishing With RayAnne by Ava Finch

This book was recommended to me by Book Sparks and it looks awesome.  I am adding it to my TBR list, here are the details if you want to do the same, once I have read it I will be sure to come back and tell you about it.  If you read it before I do please leave me comment and let me know if you enjoyed it and anything you liked or didn’t like about it.



RayAnne Dahl goes fishing for a different life, catching much more than she’d bargained for…

Having fled the testosterone-soaked world of pro fishing to finally settle in her Minneapolis fixer-upper, thirty-something RayAnne unexpectedly lands at the helm of the first all-women fishing and talk show. Between her dad’s falling off the wagon, unwanted advice from Mom—a life coach to the menopausal rich—and her clingy dog, she needs the advice of her beloved grandmother more than ever.

With the show’s surprise success, producers press for celebrity appearances, but fans tweet support for RayAnne and her quirky guests, real women with unique stories and something to say. And though handsome Hal tempts RayAnne, he is a sponsor, rocketing him to the top of her don’ts list.

Just when she’s shedding uncertainty, RayAnne’s world nearly capsizes, and she’s faced with gut-wrenching choices. Will she live by the rules, or by her heart?


I’m Ava Finch. As my character RayAnne says, ‘I’m a woman, I fish. Deal with it.’ But RayAnne’s story doesn’t begin and end with ‘Fishing With RayAnne’ – I’m working on other books and other characters I hope readers will love as much as they seem to love RayAnne. You’ll meet her again! Confession: Ava is actually the soul-twin and pen name of novelist Sarah Stonich. She’s decided to adopt the name Ava to expand her writing life and go places she might not otherwise. Besides – who wouldn’t want a chance to refer to themselves in the third person, AND be someone else now and then?



Ask Him Why Catherine Ryan Hyde

This book blew me away.  It is the story of a family who face destruction  when their son Joseph  is court martialed as part of a very public  military event.  The story is told mostly by  Ruth the youngest daughter and Aubrey the younger brother.  As time unfolds different details come to light and each member of the family deals with  things in their own way.  Ruth searches for answers,  Aubrey feeds his an anger and their parents try to keep some semblance of order and find them a way to start ov er.  Years later Joseph gets a fresh start of his own but can he start over with his family and will they understand why he made the choice that changed  their lives?  A moving and touching family novel that will pull you in and leave you sorry to read the last page.

The Last Dreamerby Barbara Solomon Josselsohn

Have you ever wondered as an adult what happened to that star from your teens you had a crush on that seems to have evaporated into thin air? Let’s face it we have all had fan crushes on stars before and some of them move from project to project and some of them fall of the radar. While channel surfing on evening Iliana finds a favorite tv show from the teen years and wonders what ever happened to the star she had the huge crush on Jeff Downs? Since she is a reported who left her job when he children were born and is saddened by her inability to break back into print she tracks him down in an effort to write a piece about him that will get her back into print, all while being a full time mom and trying to help her husband get promoted at his law firm. While trying to juggle needs wants and desire Iliana learns that people are not always what they seem, and that some dreams have to end so others can start.frc-logo

Trim Healthy Mama Plan by Pearl Barrett and Serence Allison

The first thing I liked about this program is that it seems to have plenty of balance in the menus. Even better yet the plan is explained in detail. There are sample menus and clear concise information you can use. There is no portion sizing to keep track of or calories to count, instead you pay attention to food pairings and the types of meals you have and there is no set meal plan so there seems to be plenty of flexibility. Even better yet are the chapters in the later parts of the book that adress special dietary needs such as food allergies, vegetarian diets and pregnancy and chapter devoted to eating out, eating at work and making the plan family friendly. There really is information for almost any circumstance you might encounter on the plan along with sample menus. There is also a separate cook book you can use as well and some specialty food items are recommended but not required. Overall I like the well rounded approach and the way the plan is presented and made easy to follow. A define plan to check out if you want to improve your eating habits.

My Confection: Odyssey of a Sugar Addict Kindle Edition by Lisa Kotin January 7th

I have always had quite the sweet tooth, but Lisa’s story took the idea of sugar cravings to a whole new level.  That said I found her journey moving.  She is honest and real in telling her story and there were moments when I wanted to laugh, cry and scream as I read.  Ultimately I was left with a feeling of hope and was comforted by the fact that she still has an occasional rough day just like the rest of us.  A great book to remind us how hard a struggle can be and how sweet progress can feel.

This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp January 5

This book is not for the faint of heart, it is a book about a small town, a family with a lot of heart ache and a child that just can’t take it anymore, but if you can take on those challenges you will find a story about a town that comes together and students who find common ground amid a tragic and life changing event.  Friendships will be forged and tested and each and every person who has anything to do with the events that day will find a new way to look at their life and a new appreciation for it.   This fresh take on the story of a high school shooting is told from four different view points, moment by moment in some cases and it includes twitter and face book messages just as it would if it is a real event.  I found myself connecting with these characters and feeling for them from the shooter who just can’t face things, to his sister who just wants to graduate and escape, the shooters nemesis who wants to protect his friends, the innocents caught in the cross fire and the track team who has practice during the assembly when everything happens, it keeps them safe, but can they get help and can they stand to wait for answers?    A touching and riveting accounting of a dark day in small town and the many bright lights that pierce the darkness.netgalley

The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset: Effortless Weight Loss, Rejuvenating Sleep, Limitless Energy, More Mojo by Brad Davidson

I found the ideas in the book made sense. The basic premise is that our metabolism needs to be reset and that like any device our bodies need to be rest from time to time, however I thought the food plan for the 21 day reset looked kind of limited so i think i need to decide if I can truly do this for three weeks or not, but I have to admit I am intrigued by the idea of a reset.

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald January 1st

netgalleyHappy New Year !!! This book is a great one to start with. When he life falls apart Sara goes to Broken Wheel to meet her book pen pal Amy, but upon her arrival she learns that her vacation will be very different than she hoped, but during her visit she meets many of Amy’s friends and realizes that this little town might just be her new home, but it will take some fancy plans from her new friends and some work of her own to make it happen. Can Sara find a new start in a town that is always passed by? I loved Sara and the cast of characters she meets on her trip, but her journey is a deep and meaningful one full of discovery and challenges, a great read to start off the new year.