The Last Dreamerby Barbara Solomon Josselsohn

Have you ever wondered as an adult what happened to that star from your teens you had a crush on that seems to have evaporated into thin air? Let’s face it we have all had fan crushes on stars before and some of them move from project to project and some of them fall of the radar. While channel surfing on evening Iliana finds a favorite tv show from the teen years and wonders what ever happened to the star she had the huge crush on Jeff Downs? Since she is a reported who left her job when he children were born and is saddened by her inability to break back into print she tracks him down in an effort to write a piece about him that will get her back into print, all while being a full time mom and trying to help her husband get promoted at his law firm. While trying to juggle needs wants and desire Iliana learns that people are not always what they seem, and that some dreams have to end so others can start.frc-logo


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