Trim Healthy Mama Plan by Pearl Barrett and Serence Allison

The first thing I liked about this program is that it seems to have plenty of balance in the menus. Even better yet the plan is explained in detail. There are sample menus and clear concise information you can use. There is no portion sizing to keep track of or calories to count, instead you pay attention to food pairings and the types of meals you have and there is no set meal plan so there seems to be plenty of flexibility. Even better yet are the chapters in the later parts of the book that adress special dietary needs such as food allergies, vegetarian diets and pregnancy and chapter devoted to eating out, eating at work and making the plan family friendly. There really is information for almost any circumstance you might encounter on the plan along with sample menus. There is also a separate cook book you can use as well and some specialty food items are recommended but not required. Overall I like the well rounded approach and the way the plan is presented and made easy to follow. A define plan to check out if you want to improve your eating habits.


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