The Things We Keep: A Novel Kindle Edition by Sally Hepworth

Anna Forster is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.  She moves into Rosalind house a care facility where she meets many new friends and Luke a fellow housemate who has a brain injury as well.  Luke and Anna are close in age and soon bond with one another, but as their relationship evolves their families and caregivers are plagued with questions.  The story is told from a variety of perspectives from Anna in the present day, from Anna’s diary, as well as through the eyes of the cook Eve and her daughter Clementine, who are starting a new life after her husband leaves them in a bit of a pickle.  Luke and Anna and their fellow residents will take you on a journey as they put their lives in order, make peace with their pasts and try to leave a legacy for the future.  A touching story of love and hope despite the rough times life throws at us.  Thank you to the publisher for providing my copy.

Becoming Famous by Natalie Scott

Becoming Famous is the story of Bebe as she rebuilds her life after her career goals are dashed and she must start again.  Bebe decides to take life by the horns and live it to the fullest.  She flees first to New York then to California and life takes her on a roller coaster both in her new career in Television and modeling and on a personal level as she makes many friends and can always find a party when she needs them, but eventually Bebe tires of he lifestyle and she must decide if she is ready to risk herself and reinvent her life once again.  Bebe lives the high life and reading along with her was like living life in the fast lane.  I enjoyed her many exploits but I was glad to see how different she became as her story unfolded.    A special thanks to the publisher who not only provided a free copy for me, but if you leave a comment on this post I will select a winner who will get a free Kindle copy.  Name will be drawn on March 7th.  Enter by 9 pm on March 7th.  If you win I will forward your name and email to the publisher.

Morning Star by Pierce Brown

From the first page this book drew me in and I felt the sweet annoying pull between wanting to finish it and see how the trilogy ends and the desire to read it slowly and savor every carefully picked word. There are few writers who are so careful with their word choice and so vivid with the worlds they create. I loved not only this series, but this book and the world and the people between the pages. I don’t want to talk about specific details since this is a book that has not been out very long i don’t want to spoil anything, but if you had not read this installment of the trilogy or any of the trilogy pick these up you won’t be disappointed. Also for the audio book fans these novels are beautifully read, my husband listens to them when he runs and i have heard parts of them over the years, very well done. I was sorry to read the last page.

The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson

This book was amazing and awesome I was so sorry to read the last the last page and leave this family behind. Sometimes life gives us things we didn’t even know we wanted or needed or were looking for, and sometimes there are beautiful silver linings in the tragic moments of our lives. Paula and her mother had a hard life living from one situation to the next was tough and it took a tool on the bond between mother and daughter over time, but Paula found a way to get a college education and make a successful career and she did her best to help her mother out ever since. She is stunned when her mother returns her monthly check and even more surprised when a young man turns up at her office looking for her a few months later. What Paula does not realize is that she is about to find one of the things she had always wanted, but she was too busy with her life to realize it. A wonderful story of love, loss, fresh starts and family. I highly recommend.   Thank you to Joshilyn and her publisher for my advance copy.

What the Waves Know: A Novel by Tamara Valentine

I loved Isabella’s story. I felt bad for her, but I loved her grandmother and her mother and Remy their confident outspoken neighbor who is good influence on all of them. Each of the women try to help Isabella with her issues surrounding the night her father disappeared, but being back on the island is forcing her to remember things she would rather forget, and teaching her new lessons along the way. Isabella must face the past to give herself a future she deserves, but it seems easier for her to simply lock it all inside, until the day she can’t. I loved the strong women in this novel and the quaint inland in this novel the senses of people and place are strong and Isabella is a wonderful girl facing something that is hard for people much older than she is.

The Restaurant Critic’s Wife A Novel by Elizabeth LaBan

I loved Lila Soto who is feeling like a fish out of water in her new town.  Her husband Sam is a critic for the local paper and he is overly paranoid about being recognized, so much so that he constructs many disguises and some of them are so good his own boss does not recognize him.  His over the top concerns about being recognized make life hard for Lila he wants her to keep her distance from most people especially anyone tied to a food establishment in any way.  Lila is left to try to navigate a new town while caring for  two kids.  As you might imagine Lila craves adult interaction  and misses her old job, but she must figure out how to balance her husband’s concerns and her dreams of going back to work and doing what is best for he children.  I could absolutely identify with Lila’s wanting to be out in the world and I often laughed out loud at Sam especially some of his costumes, and her kids made me smile with their antics.  Lila does finally find a happy place but I loved sharing her journey with her and I think you will too.netgalley

The Flood Girls by Richard Fifield

netgalleyRachel Flood has reluctantly returned to her home town of Quinn years after leaving with a wide swath of destruction in her wake.  She must make amends to those she has wronged including he mother Laverna.  Rachel is a recovering alcoholic but when her mother is hurt in a robbery attempt Rachel must cover for her at her bar and join the town softball team “The Flood Girls” which he mother has captained for many years.  Before long Rachel and her mother are on better terms and the team might actually make it into the playoffs.  Even better yet Rachel is slowly rebuilding her life with help of her neighbor Jake, a middle school with a large appetite for books, ecentric taste in clothes and a rough relationship with his mother’s other half.  Just when life seems to be a bed of roses tragedy strikes and the girls must come together once again for one one of their own.  The Flood Girls is a wonderful small town story and yet it touches on many bigger themes.  I loved Rachel’s honesty, Jake’s oddities and Laverna’s grit.  A great read.

Be Frank With Me: A Novel by Julia Claiborne Johnson

When reclusive but much loved writer M.M. (Mimi) Banning calls her agent to announce she has a manuscript in the works her loyal and faithful agent sends his assistant Alice to help her with “whatever she needs.” Alice assumes this will be help with the manuscript itself ,but she ends up being maid, chef, chauffeur and babysitter to Frank Mimi’s nine year old son. Frank loves classic movies and music and loves to dress in outfits similar to those of his movie star heroes. As you might suspect this opens up Frank to much teasing and many rough days at school. Alice does her best to respect Frank’s rules and over time she becomes truly fond of him. Alice and Frank face many curve balls on their adventures, but the always find a way to come up swinging. Frank left an empty space in my world when I finished the last page and I loved sharing his adventures good and bad. A great read.