The Flood Girls by Richard Fifield

netgalleyRachel Flood has reluctantly returned to her home town of Quinn years after leaving with a wide swath of destruction in her wake.  She must make amends to those she has wronged including he mother Laverna.  Rachel is a recovering alcoholic but when her mother is hurt in a robbery attempt Rachel must cover for her at her bar and join the town softball team “The Flood Girls” which he mother has captained for many years.  Before long Rachel and her mother are on better terms and the team might actually make it into the playoffs.  Even better yet Rachel is slowly rebuilding her life with help of her neighbor Jake, a middle school with a large appetite for books, ecentric taste in clothes and a rough relationship with his mother’s other half.  Just when life seems to be a bed of roses tragedy strikes and the girls must come together once again for one one of their own.  The Flood Girls is a wonderful small town story and yet it touches on many bigger themes.  I loved Rachel’s honesty, Jake’s oddities and Laverna’s grit.  A great read.


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