The Restaurant Critic’s Wife A Novel by Elizabeth LaBan

I loved Lila Soto who is feeling like a fish out of water in her new town.  Her husband Sam is a critic for the local paper and he is overly paranoid about being recognized, so much so that he constructs many disguises and some of them are so good his own boss does not recognize him.  His over the top concerns about being recognized make life hard for Lila he wants her to keep her distance from most people especially anyone tied to a food establishment in any way.  Lila is left to try to navigate a new town while caring for  two kids.  As you might imagine Lila craves adult interaction  and misses her old job, but she must figure out how to balance her husband’s concerns and her dreams of going back to work and doing what is best for he children.  I could absolutely identify with Lila’s wanting to be out in the world and I often laughed out loud at Sam especially some of his costumes, and her kids made me smile with their antics.  Lila does finally find a happy place but I loved sharing her journey with her and I think you will too.netgalley


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