When I’m Gone A Novel by Emily Bleeker

netgalleyLuke looses his wife Natalie to Cancer and he must find a way to raise their children and keep living, but it is so much harder than he thought it would be, then he finds an envelope from Natalie with his name on it and gobbles up the letter.  As the days move into weeks and months the letters continue, but Luke is left with more questions with answers and wonders if his wife was the woman he thought she was.  He contiually tries to balance the past and Natalie’s secrets with the woman he knew all while navigating the pitfalls of raising three kids on his own.  Natlaie’s friend Annie is a huge help but she has a puzzle of her own to figure out, his mother in law is flat out hostile, but Natalie has found him a helper who turns out to be wonderful with the children and more.  This book made me cry get your tissues ready, but it left me with a feeling of hope when I read the last page and I enjoyed following Luke as he navigated his past and his possible future.  A great emotional read.


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