The Charm Bracelet by Viola Shipman

This is the wonderful story of three generations of women who are connected by their tradition of charm bracelets.  Lolly is the fudge lady she signs and makes fudge in the candy store window in her  home town of Lost Land Lake.  Her daughter Arden could not wait to leave the small town and it has been a long time since she has been back, but at the urging of her daughter Lauren the two take a road trip to visit Lolly and realize just how much all of them have changed.  Arden is burned out and not sure how to change it, Lauren is being practical and majoring in business even though she really wants to paint, and Lolly just wants to remind them how to have fun before it is too late.  Through the charms on her bracelet Lolly imparts family stories and her hopes and dreams for her girls.  A touching story of love, loss, life and hope set against the backdrop of a summer resort town with it’s own special traditions.  A great beach read or a great book to read when you wish you could be on a beach.  netgalley


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