The Trouble with Lexie: A Novel by Jessica Anya Blau

I loved Lexie, despite the fact that she turns her soon to be perfect life upside down and may-be for some not so good reasons I admired her spunk and her ability to follow her gut and her heart even though it seems crazy to do it.  She is loveable and quirky and goes after what she wants.  I loved her and her female pals the southern sweet yet direct school nurse and the English teacher in her later years that curses like a sailor. The blend of the women is genius and Lexie’s take on her life and her co-workers will keep you wanting more even after the last page.

A Girl Like You: A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel (The Henrietta and Inspector Howard series) By Michelle Cox

I am not sure what category I would put this book in, it would fall into general fiction but there is also a mystery of sorts so may-be a cozy mystery?  I loved Henrietta or Hen as she is often called by the characters in the book.  She is a tough girl with a tough road ahead of her and she does her best to take it in stride.  She also is very loyal to her family and friends and despite her tough road weary status that makes her seem older than she is in may ways her sweet almost child like wonder at certain things in life never failed to make me smile.  I really enjoyed her story and will read more of this series because i want to know what happens next.  Thank you to Booksparks and the publisher for my free copy that allowed me to write this honest review.  A great beach or vacation read.

Saving Abby by Steena Holmes

With her usual blend of grace and honesty Steena Holmes tackles another tough question  this time an expectant mother must choose  between seeking immediate treatment or  trying to hold out until her child can be born.  Touching thought provoking and told with wit and warmth.  A great story of love and hope.

The Space Between Sisters: A Butternut Lake Novel by Mary McNear

When Win’s life falls apart she retreats to the cabin on Butternut Lake only to have her sister Poppy show up on her doorstep unannounced.  While their first days together are nostalgic soon the sisters fall into their old ways.  Win must deal with great loss and decide how to build a future and Poppy has to decide if she wants to stay at the lake or move on.  Poppy takes a job in the local bait shop to earn some cash and ends up finding more than just a job there.  This story is sweet and warm and funny.  The characters are not afraid to speak their minds sometimes with hilarious results.  For both sisters the summer will open new doors and bring the ability to move forward.

The Girls by Emma Cline June 14

I felt for Evie, every woman has had a time in her life when she has been impressionable.  For Evie her almost hero level worship of Suzanne pulls her into a much larger world with lots of dark possibilities but when push comes to shove the decision won’t be hers to make alone.  Riveting with multi dimensional characters and a plot that escalates while twisting and turning.  That summer will change who Evie becomes and how she lives her life.

The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder June 7

Enter the mixed up life of Penelope Marx, high school has taken her normal world and the social triangle she forms with her two best friends Audrey and Eph and turned it into a world that is confusing and hard to navigate.  Add new kid and new crush Keats to the mix and Penelope’s world really starts to change.  Her story is touching and funny and warm and it was easy to me to feel for her, because I too was (and currently am) a shy girl.  Like Penelope I had a small social circle and unlike Audrey I didn’t want to make mine bigger just because.  Like all of us Penelope finds a new place for herself in the end but I was very happy to make that journey with her.