Conquest by Jamie Boust Out Now

OKemail-header-conquest-blog[2] I am guessing with a title like Conquest you may already have some idea what this book is about, and you would be right but not totally right.  It is true that Brie has an awakening and makes a very specific naughty bucket list and the book is the story of her journey to mark them all off, but that would make her a flat character and Brie accomplishes so much more over the course of her story and she is a full and multidimensional character, yes there is sex in this book, but Brie also leans about herself and her place in the world so many times over, she figures out what she wants and how to get it and she keeps you laughing and cheering along the way.  A great summer read either on the beach or on a rainy day.  Brie will keep you riding shot gun from start to finish and you will be glad you got to ride along.  Thank you to BookSparks for my free copy so that I could review this book.


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