I loved this book not because it had a bad mean character that it was ok to dislike very strongly and may-be even hate, but because of the dynamics between the three female characters who are all strong women in their own ways but they don’t often see it.  Let’s start with Prinny who brings all the other characters together.  Prinny is short for princess it is a nick name her father gave her and it stuck.  Her mother died when she was young and so she grew up with a parade of house keepers and her busy but very dotting father, and her step brother.  From day one her step brother Leif does not like her, he pinches her as a baby, bullies her as they grow up and once their father is gone he tries to control her inheritance, luckily she has a kind a wonderful person to help her keep Leif at a distance.  Prinny opens Cosmos her store full of mystical things in part because she needs to invest her money and also because she feels a connection to her mother who also dabbled in tarot cards and other mystical items.  The store does ok and she manages to hire Chelsea who is constantly reading and practicing for auditions and trying to get that first part that will lead her to bigger and better things, and she does seem truly talented.  I envied her for the confidence to put herself out there again and again.  One day out of the blue Prinny’s sister in law Diana says she is coming for a visit and she turns out to be just what Cosmos needs to add some new items and get more traffic into the store.  As you might expect Leif eventually figures out where Diana has gone and turns up to bring her home he has even concocted a cover story for her absence and promises she will be kept under house arrest when she returns.  After leaving Diana he goes to see his “sister” and while he is at her house there is an unexpected series of events that will change everyone and allow Prinny and Di to be happy for the first time may-be ever.  I loved the women in this novel and the way they do what they can to help each other, I loved Prinny’s financial adviser and the day she meets his wife Britini, I also loved Chelsea’s friends and the small but vital things these characters do that help our strong women remain that way.  A fantastic read for the beach, a rainy day or if you are like me and it is almost hot enough outside your door to boil water a great book to hide inside with.  A special thank you to the publisher for my advance copy which I was given in exchange for an honest review.


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