Results May Vary by Bethany Chase

When Caroline’s marriage falls apart unexpectedly from a cause she never even saw on her radar she must decide how to pick up the pieces and rebuild, but the most pressing question is does that rebuilding involve her husband Adam?  Can their marriage be rebuilt or does their shared road end at this point?  Caroline must answer all these pressing questions while trying to figure out how she feels and decide what she wants for her future and who will be a part of it.  Since she has been with Adam since high school in many ways this is Caroline’s first chance to stand on her own as an adult and navigate the world which is sometimes friendly to her and often not.  A warm and witty look at marriage divorce and love.


As an extra bonus I also have a comment from Bethany about her writing process.  As a reader I am always curious about how an author works and I thought you might be as well.

Bethany Chase Writing Process


True story: I find it easier to write on the subway—which I often do to milk some productivity out of my long commute—than at home. Partly it’s the pressure to see how much I can get done (500 words is a really great subway day!), but more likely, it’s my inability to download cat videos.

Thank you to book sparks for providing a copy of the book and allowing me to be a part of the blog tour.




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