Leave Me by Gayle Forman

When Maribeth Klein has a heat attack and she ends up having unexpected open heart surgery all she really wants is to curl up and sleep for many days, but her husband and her mother who are trying to run the house soon loose patience with the amount of work involved in caring for twins and running a house hold and Maribeth tries to slowly take back some of the workload, but it is soon obvious to her that it is more than she is ready for but no one wants to believe she is not well and ready to step back into the full swing of things, finally one day in desperation she leaves home and boards a train to Pittsburg, once there she begins the process of healing in peace, but once she is better she must decide what to do about her other life and which one to keep. A touching and heart rending story of the weights we place on ourselves, the ones others add to our pile, and how we have to balance them some how.

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