The Wedding Shop Rachel Hauck

I adored this story of a forlorn and abandoned wedding shop that is rescued by the girl who played in it as a child.  Hailey and her best friend would play bride in the abandoned store as children, but years later after her friends death and her own time in the military when Hailey looks to start a new chapter in her life the wedding shop is waiting.  It is in terrible shape and fixing it will cost more than she has, but Hailey is following a dream and refuses to give up.  I loved the way the story was woven between Cora the last woman to run the wedding shop and Hailey who wants it to be the beautiful show piece of small town Heart’s Bend once again.  The story is deftly woven between the two women and there are plenty of surprises along the way.  One part I really loved was the return of some of Ms. Cora’s brides, they show up randomly as word spreads that Hailey is opening the shop again and they share their pictures, their memories and sometimes even more.  A warm and touching story of the blending of the past and the present for the future.netgalley


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