The Witch House of Persimmon Point by Suzanne Palmieri

For those of you who have read some of Suzanne’s other novels you may recognize Byrd and her Aunt Wynn, but The Witch House is a house we have not been to before and a family we have not met.  Once again Byrd’s history is tied to the women in her family and the gifts or talents she shares with them.  Our story starts with Nan who comes to America from Italy and is the first woman to discover Persimmon point and the people who live there and of course the story ends with Byrd, but each woman has more in common with her ancestors than just their gifts.  Each of these women are strong, gutsy and do what they need to survive while trying to do better and be better for the next generation.  A story of love and family woven thorough with magic and mystery and darkness. A story that will stay with you after you read the last page. Print

Viola Shipman Christmas Angels

Kate usually loves the holiday season, but last holiday season she broke up with her boyfriend and this year the holidays just leave her wishing they were over.  Cosidering she does decoration and planning for parties and events that leaves her in quite the funk for her busy season but her staff understands and helps her out.  One of her clients for a holiday party set up is a law firm, but as Kate is finishing up with her crew they are asked to help decorate the home of the owner who recently lost his wife, his employees are worried about their boss and his son.  Kate knows it is a tall order, but her staff promises to help so she agrees but a snow storm snarls traffic and Kate ends up doing most of the job herself and learning that what she has always said about angels has to be true. A warm and touching holiday tale perfect to put you in the mood to decorate and bake cookies and may-be start a new holiday tradition.

M in the Middle: Secret Crushes, Mega-Colossal Anxiety and the People’s Republic of Autism by The Students of Limpsfield Grange School, Vicky Martin

This book was so cool and neat and nifty.  M is an autistic middle schooler trying to deal with her autism and be normal at the same time and not having luck with any of that.  The administrators at her school just don’t seem to understand and despite her best efforts she keeps having issues at school.  Her mom desperately wants some kind of normal and she just can’t seem to find it, her brother is out more and more often and her dad is sleeping on her grandmother’s sofa.    When M’s issues at school escalate she and her mom escape for a week to the beach home of a friend and they finally begin to understand what they are up against.  I loved M she made me laugh and cry and I adored her honesty even in situations where the adults around her would have either kept their thoughts private or tried to word it in a less blunt fashion.  I wish her nothing but the best and hope our paths cross again.

An Address in Amsterdam by Mary Dingee Fillmore

Rachel hopes the Nazi’s won’t be in Amsterdam long when they arrive in 1940, but as her friends protest and disappear she finds her own ways of voicing her discontent.  Eventually Rachel and her family choose to go into hiding which is inherently problematic for them.   A touching story of a girl growing up in hard times and the tough choices she has to make and see.   I loved Rachel’s tough spirit and at the same time i was touched by how deeply she was affected by the events around her, and their impact on her daily life.  A touching read that leaves the reader with hope.

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas by Beth Harbison

I loved this sweet and quirky holiday tale.  When Noelle is locked into the wonderful department store she works in on Christmas Eve she settles in for some shopping and a good nights sleep in one of the wonderful beds in the mattress department, but she does not count on the magic of Christmas or the appearance of her guardian angel.  Charley is new to the angel business and a bit klutzy and unsure of herself, but together she and Noelle learn about themselves and Charley is able to move Noelle through time and her memories so that when Christmas arrives they are both better for it.  A warm and touching holiday tale that is great to read and share with a friend or your guardian angel.

The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa

I adored this story.  Hannah captured me early on and watching her life unfold entranced me.  The story is rich in visual details as well as the small details that make the story seem even more real.  I loved the descriptions of Hannah’s posh German apartment, the vivid way she tells us about the ship that takes her to Cuba.  Hannah and her family must escape Germany as the Nazi Party rises in power.  None of them really know where they will end up, but they know they can’t stay in Germany any longer.  Hannah begins a journey that will change her life forever and influence the woman she becomes.  netgalley

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

I was given a sample of this book by the publisher and by the time I finished it I knew I had to read the book which i I did over the weekend. I was sorry I finished it, I loved the unique characters and the things they bring to the dynamic group. I loved the sense of family between that characters and how they all worked together to get things done. a warm touching story of growing up and the hard choices that come with it.

We Are Unprepared Meg Little Reilly

Ash and Pia long for a simpler life so they move from New York to a Vermont farm house in hopes of living a bit more simply.  Within just a few months of their arrival a super storm is announced and they both must prepare for it.  Ash develops a close friendship with August a boy who lives near by whose parents are a bit neglectful and Pia goes to many meetings about the storm and begins her preparations in earnest.  Ash wants to take August in when it is clear that his home is not the right place for him, but Pia can’t open her heart to him or stop her storm preparations.  As the actual story rushes toward them Ash and Pia are fighting a storm of their own.  Both storms will have consequences for both of them if they survive.

Counterpart by Hayley Stone October 11th

Commander Rhona Long is once again trying to keep the resitance moving and this time around she is trying to bring together some of the smaller resistance groups around the globe.  Many of the important leaders have convened in her building for a stategic meeting in hopes of forming a partnership against their common enemy.  Rhonda has an enemy she has not counted on though and her clone seems determined to take her place.  A fast paced sequel to Machinations that will leave you hoping for more.

Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig October 4th

When Flynn’s girlfriend January goes missing he is a prime suspect, but the truth is January has been leaving Flynn for months and after the fight they had on Saturday he does not expect to hear from her, but when the police show up at his door he wonders why she left and if he will ever see her again.  Flynn has his own complicated life even without January and her step father’s political aspirations, and ever since she started private school they have had less and less in common.  Determined to help find January Flynn starts an investigation of his own that raises more questions than answers.  Tightly woven plot keeps the pages turning.  I loved Flynn and felt for January as the pages turned and I was absorbed into their story.  A great fast paced read that will make you wonder and may-be weep a bit.netgalley