M in the Middle: Secret Crushes, Mega-Colossal Anxiety and the People’s Republic of Autism by The Students of Limpsfield Grange School, Vicky Martin

This book was so cool and neat and nifty.  M is an autistic middle schooler trying to deal with her autism and be normal at the same time and not having luck with any of that.  The administrators at her school just don’t seem to understand and despite her best efforts she keeps having issues at school.  Her mom desperately wants some kind of normal and she just can’t seem to find it, her brother is out more and more often and her dad is sleeping on her grandmother’s sofa.    When M’s issues at school escalate she and her mom escape for a week to the beach home of a friend and they finally begin to understand what they are up against.  I loved M she made me laugh and cry and I adored her honesty even in situations where the adults around her would have either kept their thoughts private or tried to word it in a less blunt fashion.  I wish her nothing but the best and hope our paths cross again.


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