Aftermath by Clara Kensie November 1, 2016

Charlotte was taken from her family almost 5 years ago, and all this time when she thinks of them she imagines they are simply going on without her just as they were before, but when she is lucky enough to be reunited with her family she is shocked by the changes, all she wanted was to get to go home, yet home as she knew it does not exist.  She must navigate her new family dynamics as well as become a normal teenager,  It is a tall order but Charlotte does her best.   She twin sister now dyes her hair, and her father has a new wife and a new daughter.  Charlotte must find her place in her family and the world and put what happened to her behind her if she can.  I want to point out that this book is going to be hard reading for some of you.  While the book deals with what happens to Charlotte after she returns home she does remember and talk about things that happened to her with her “keeper” so this book is not for the faint of heart, that said I loved Charlottes fighting spirit and her determination to close the book on what happened to her.


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