In the Heart of Texas by Ginger McKnight-Chavers

After 24 wild and crazy hours Hollywood actress Jo Randolph looses her job, gets arrested and turns her life upside causing her publicist and friend to send her home to Texas to stay out of trouble till things quiet down.  While she is sequestered in Midland she takes on a job teaching for the summer, which her parents hope will give her some cash, something to do and may-be widen her world view.  Midland Texas is everything Jo remembers, but as she settles back into her home town she realizes she is not the girl who left so many years ago and she might now know just the girl she wants to be.  I loved the dynamics between the characters in this story.  There is Jo who is home after oh so long, her mother who is an important person on the social scene and has strict rules about how one behaves and what they wear in any given situation.  Her sister shares many of her sister’s traits and attitudes while wrangling her sons and Jo’s father is hoping not to rock the boat.  Then there is her uncle that she adores and many former class mates who cross her path, it seems Jo is always involved in something, but I loved her work with the kids and joy and trauma that brings her.  This novel has it all Beach Houses, presidential visits, garden parties, and for Jo a chance to make a difference in ways she never imagined.  A laugh out loud look at growing up at any age told with honesty and warmth.


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