The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall

The woodbury’s have it all.  Life in an affluent small town, beautiful children, and as a family they are well loved in their town.  One night a police car arrives and takes George Woodbury, beloved science teacher and local hero away he has been charged with a very serious crime.  This absence sends his family into a sea of emotion that will rock them and shift as the town turns against them and they must look to each other for safe harbor in the storm.  Older son Andrew returns from New York to help.  Joan the matriarch of the clan and a respected ER nurse will struggle with anger and fear as she tries to figure out if her husband is guilty and what to do about it if he is and if he isn’t.  For high school senior Saddie she will go from a popular and sought out student to an outcast and she will seek counsel in odd places as she tries to find her way through her senior year.  The woodbury’s are the family we want to be until the unexpected happens.  A page turner with many points of view and relatable characters.

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