Husband Material by Emily Belden

Copy of 9781525805981_TS_PRD (1)Husband Material is a novel about how life can still knock you for a loop even when everything seems to be under control. Charlotte thinks she has her life under control again. No one knows she’s a widow. Memories of her late husband are stored in dusty boxes in her closet and in her heart. Charlotte’s world goes sideways when her late husband’s ashes arrive on her doorstep and open up a pandora’s box she thought was shut forever. Time has made some things easier this time roundabout Charlotte also realizes things she missed the first time. The answers to those questions might be more than she can handle, but as she works through them they change her and her life in ways she never imagined.
Husband Material is uplifting despite the very real possibility of it being anything but. I truly felt for Charlotte as she navigated the minefields of old wounds and new time-bombs. I could feel her lingering grief, her wish to move on and her guilt when she did.
Charlotte was very real and relatable and her cast of characters is full of variety.  from a pushy former mother-in-law to lost friends and people who are pretty much strangers.
Husband material delivers a complex story, believable characters and a satisfying ending. Pick it up for yourself or gift it to that reader you know who would love it.


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