Sunrise on Half Moon Bay Robyn Carr

  Addie and Justine are sisters who are far apart in age and have never been close, but when life turns upside for both of them in short order they find themselves relying on each other more and more.

Addie has spent the last eight years caring for her ailing parents.  When her mother passes away she is facing that tomorrow she has dreamed about, but the reality is much harder to face.

Justine is a successful lawyer with a beautiful home and two fabulous daughters.  She is thrown for a loop when her husband leaves her for another woman and breaks their family apart.


Each woman must forge a new path to the future and while their paths are very different they find they had more in common than they ever realized growing up.


I loved this story of sisters who make the most of the chances they are given and forge new lives that are richer because of the struggles they faced.  This is a warm and witty look at family and the connections that make us who we are.