Best Behavior by Wendy Francis Out Now




Best Behavior is a touching look at a family at a pivotal moment in time.  Meredeth and her blended family graduation weekend means something different to each of them.  For twins, Dawn and Cody’s freedom is in sight.  For Cody, it will be his final few moments as the football hero and for Dawn, it will be her last moments in her brother’s shadow.

Meredeth is fighting the panic that keeps cropping up when she thinks of the twins far away in other cities, but before that happens she must be on her best behavior for the graduation events that her ex-husband Roger and his new wife Lilly will attend.


The weekend starts off with a surprise when Roger shows up at the awards banquet unexpectedly and alone.  The weekend continues to be full of twists and turns that wind our family to the final moments of loading the U Haul.


The journey is bittersweet surprising and touching, not to mention full of excitement.  I laughed, cried, and was sorry to the last page endsBest Behavior Excerpt.  This is a family that feels like your own and stay with you long after the last page is done.


A great Mother’s day gift or save it for the days on the beach this summer.  You will be glad you were part of such an important weekend and a wonderful family.

Check out the excerpt above.


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