Best Behavior by Wendy Francis Out Now




Best Behavior is a touching look at a family at a pivotal moment in time.  Meredeth and her blended family graduation weekend means something different to each of them.  For twins, Dawn and Cody’s freedom is in sight.  For Cody, it will be his final few moments as the football hero and for Dawn, it will be her last moments in her brother’s shadow.

Meredeth is fighting the panic that keeps cropping up when she thinks of the twins far away in other cities, but before that happens she must be on her best behavior for the graduation events that her ex-husband Roger and his new wife Lilly will attend.


The weekend starts off with a surprise when Roger shows up at the awards banquet unexpectedly and alone.  The weekend continues to be full of twists and turns that wind our family to the final moments of loading the U Haul.


The journey is bittersweet surprising and touching, not to mention full of excitement.  I laughed, cried, and was sorry to the last page endsBest Behavior Excerpt.  This is a family that feels like your own and stay with you long after the last page is done.


A great Mother’s day gift or save it for the days on the beach this summer.  You will be glad you were part of such an important weekend and a wonderful family.

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Sunrise on Half Moon Bay Robyn Carr

  Addie and Justine are sisters who are far apart in age and have never been close, but when life turns upside for both of them in short order they find themselves relying on each other more and more.

Addie has spent the last eight years caring for her ailing parents.  When her mother passes away she is facing that tomorrow she has dreamed about, but the reality is much harder to face.

Justine is a successful lawyer with a beautiful home and two fabulous daughters.  She is thrown for a loop when her husband leaves her for another woman and breaks their family apart.


Each woman must forge a new path to the future and while their paths are very different they find they had more in common than they ever realized growing up.


I loved this story of sisters who make the most of the chances they are given and forge new lives that are richer because of the struggles they faced.  This is a warm and witty look at family and the connections that make us who we are.

The Sea Glass Cottage RayAnne Thayne

The Sea Glass Cottage ExcerptThe Sea Glass Cottage CoverThe Sea Glass Cottage Excerpt

This is a wonderful story about three women who have faced hardship and continue to fight to make the world a better place.  Juliet has lost a husband and daughter and became the sole parent of her granddaughter Caitlin.  Olivia left town and started over in Seattle after losing her father and sister.  Cooper returns to town to help out his sister whose husband has left her for another woman.  When Juliet has an accident that brings Olivia home their worlds will come together and turn like the pieces in a kaleidoscope.  None of them will the same, but they will all be better for it.  Olivia and Juliet must decide what they want out of life moving forward and Caitlin must answer questions about her mother and her past so she can move freely into the future.  The past and possibilities of the future will come together.   This is the story of three strong women and the ties that bind them together.  It is also the story of home and what that means to each of them.   I loved these ladies and I was sorry to part ways with them on the last page.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

The Grace Kelly Dress by Brenda Janowitz

The Grace Kelly Dress was impossible to put down.  I read it in an afternoon even though I really did try to slow down and savor it.  I failed.  I loved this story.  It is the story of a  dress and the women whose lives it touches.    We see the dress from the view Rose who creates the dress first on paper and then with fabric.  We also see the lives of the women who wear it and how the magic of the dress touches each of them.  I adored this story that is filled with strong women in different times and the magic of a special dress.  I also loved the way the women in each generation were so different and the honest way that was shown in the story.  FINAL COVER w. Stepback 9781525804595_PRD_FC_STPTGKD excerpt – Blog Tour (1)


Cover_THE LITTLE BOOKSHOP ON THE SEINE When Sarah gets the chance of life time to leave her quiet little bookshop in Ashford and run her friend Sophie’s shop in Paris her heart soars.  She’s always dreamed of going to Paris and now here is her chance.  Once Sarah gets to Paris she realizes it isn’t all she dreamt of.  She is a fish out of water and she struggles to find her place.    Gradually Sarah falls in love with Paris and gets to know her co-workers.  Along the way she finds parts of herself she never knew existed.  This story is filled with lovable characters, plenty of challenges and a bookstore that becomes a character as well.  The pages come alive with Paris and all it’s magic.   A great uplifting read.    I have included an excerpt provided by the publisher so you can try it out.



Husband Material by Emily Belden

Copy of 9781525805981_TS_PRD (1)Husband Material is a novel about how life can still knock you for a loop even when everything seems to be under control. Charlotte thinks she has her life under control again. No one knows she’s a widow. Memories of her late husband are stored in dusty boxes in her closet and in her heart. Charlotte’s world goes sideways when her late husband’s ashes arrive on her doorstep and open up a pandora’s box she thought was shut forever. Time has made some things easier this time roundabout Charlotte also realizes things she missed the first time. The answers to those questions might be more than she can handle, but as she works through them they change her and her life in ways she never imagined.
Husband Material is uplifting despite the very real possibility of it being anything but. I truly felt for Charlotte as she navigated the minefields of old wounds and new time-bombs. I could feel her lingering grief, her wish to move on and her guilt when she did.
Charlotte was very real and relatable and her cast of characters is full of variety.  from a pushy former mother-in-law to lost friends and people who are pretty much strangers.
Husband material delivers a complex story, believable characters and a satisfying ending. Pick it up for yourself or gift it to that reader you know who would love it.


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A Light in the Hallway

A Light in the Hallway by Amanda Prowse is the story of a family.   The story opens as Kerry is battling cancer and her husband Nick is trying to manage the day to day task and be there for their teenage son Oliver.  Nick struggles to manage everything and he finds it harder as time goes on.  I know this makes it seem like a  tear-jerker, and I admit I cried, but I also admired Nick for his strength in the face of the situation and his drive to keep going.  The story spans a few years.  The narrative moves through time showing us Nick’s scenes from Nick’s life and even letting us know what Kerry thinks.  Nick plucked my heartstrings as he navigated the changes in his life and tried to do the best thing for his son.    This story leaves you feeling hopeful and optimistic as you take Nick’s journey with him.  He is supported by his friends and family and they add their own special touches to his journey.   This book became available on November 11th and it might be just perfect for you or someone on your gift list.