Hum If You Don’t Know the Words Kindle Edition by Bianca Marais Out Today

As a white girl growing up in South Africa Robin lives a life of privilege until  that life no longer exists.  Robin forms a deep attachment to Beauty an African woman who becomes part friend, part mother, part protector in Robin’s new life.  In Beauty’s free time she searches for her missing daughter and Robin slowly becomes involved in her search.  Throughout their journey the women form a deep and lasting bond that transcends the legal limits of their time.  A heartfelt and wonderful story of love and friendship and family.


Atlas of Forgotten Places Jenny D. Williams Out Today

Rose and Sabine end up being drawn together by a quest to find those they love with surprising results.  Sabine is a retired aid worker who returns to Uganda in search of her missing niece Lilly.  Rose is searching for her lover Ocen.  Together the women must follow the trail left by their loved ones across a war torn country where friend and foe look to much alike.  Full of action and plot twists, but with a deep and meaningful side to the plot as well this novel has something for everyone.

The Mother in Law Cure by Katherine Wilson Out Now

First let me warn you that this book was previously published under the title Learning to Live and Eat in an Italian Family.  Not sure either title is a good fit for the book but I did enjoy it.  It made me laugh out loud, cry happy tears and wish I knew how to cook real Italian food.  Katherine takes a job working at the consulate and is welcomed to town by the family that will become her in-laws.  From the start she is a cultural and linguistic mess, but despite that she forms close lasting ties with her hosts and the group has quite the adventure on their way to happily ever after.  I loved the way the story is told, I felt like I was right there as events unfolded.  A warm and wonderful look at families.

INDIAN SUMMER by Marcia Willett Out Now

This is at it’s heart the story of a family, one that is both blood and the close friends who become as close or closer than your blood relatives over time.  At it’s center is Mugo who was given a place on the family estate even though is father left it all to his brother who has quietly kept it afloat all these years, but as the brothers age and move into the later part of their lives their roles change and the future seems uncertain.  The story weaves between the present and the past which is a story setup that I enjoy and the characters are memorable and warm and when you finish you feel  like you are leaving behind a small town full for friends.

The Hidden Memory of Objects Ki by Danielle Mages Amato

When Megan’s brother Tyler dies the pieces don’t add up as far as she can tell and the more often the police show up at the house with questions the more Megan has questions of her own.  She tries to piece together Tyler’s last days and in doing so she realizes that her brother was not quite the boy she thought he was.  Megan questions his friends and eventually comes to some hard truths about what happened to her brother and why.  Along the way she learns not only about Tyler but about herself as well.  Deftly written, tight prose and a great pace will make you glad this novel made your reading list.

The Fall of Lisa Bellow: A Novel Kindle Edition by Susan Perabo

What happens when you are the girl who is not taken?  For Meredith that is the million dollar question.  When pretty popular Lisa Bellow is taken even though both girls are there a new world opens up for Meredith and she suddenly has a chance to be popular, but the mental cost of what she was part of and of worrying about Lisa take a toll on her and her family who already have tragedy in their recent past.  Everyone left behind must learn to live in the new world and find their place in it.  A compelling story that makes you think.

The Barrowfields A Novel by Phillip Lewis

An epic family saga that centers around Henry who grows up in the shadow of his father, but must help his mother raise his younger siblings.  Once Henry leaves for college he keeps meaning to go home again but never does until he has no other choice.  Once he returns he is forced to deal with his past and figure out his future in  the house and town that started it all.  A touching look at families and the dynamics with them.