Marathon by Genie Davis

This one is already out in stores, so feel free to snag a copy from your book vendor of choice. The characters in this book were real, so real in fact that one might be tempted to have them over for a cook out or a cookie swap.  Lynn Bryant is a private investigator who is down on her luck, now i must say that Lynn is no wispy girl, she’s a former cop and as such she has plenty of moxie and spunk.  That said she looses her biggest client and is determined to do her absolute best job for her one remaining client Karen who has visions of a woman being killed and then ends up dead herself.  Despite Karen’s death Lynn is determined to get to the bottom of what Karen saw and find answers.  That quest will take the reader on a wild ride full of twists and turns that kept me guessing.  This series reminds me of the series by Laura Lipmann with Tess Monaghan as the main investigator, but that said Tess and Lynn are like those two friends you have who do the same job, but they are nothing alike.